History of Anonymous


To start, as it is known by many, the Guy Fawkes mask is a symbol of Anonymous. “Many protestors wear Guy Fawkes masks in the spirit of the popular film, “V for Vendetta,” This is one of the many beliefs of Anonymous.

Then, it came to the attention of Anonymous that they were being framed. “JavaScript code was maliciously inserted into the Epilepsy Foundation of Americas. This code generated animations that could trigger epileptic seizures,” This is when Anonymous was wrongly framed. Some other group of people had hacked the Epilepsy Foundation and framed Anonymous.

Next, Anonymous has a very simple beginning, revealed by InfoSec. “When people have technically skills, have access to the internet, and have an understanding of network infrastructure, it can be tempting to put that knowledge to use,” This is explaining how the idea of Anonymous got planted into people’s minds, and how they could use their skills for the benefit of the world.

Then, as stated by InfoSec, Pirate Bay was a great ally of Anonymous. “Pirate Bay was attacked. It became the goal of Anonymous to avenge them,” This quote is describing how Anonymous assisted with quite a few things, so when it was attacked, Anonymous retaliated.

Finally, InfoSec has pointed out in the past how Anonymous had found a new target for Operation Payback. “Operation Payback continued in December, but this time the new targets were MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal,” This quote is describing how Anonymous went out on a mission to avenge the Pirate Bay, but this time targeting credit card sites.