Some facts about The Industrial Age

By Evan Card


The Industrial Age was also called the "Gilded Age".Gilding was when a thin layer of gold was applied to a cheap object making it appear to be valuable. The Industrial Age was called this because the rich made America look better than it really was.

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was the leader of the steel industry. Andrew was born in Dunfermline, United Kingdom. Since steel was need to make tall sky scrapers and railroad tracks, Andrew went form poor to "riches man in the world". By the time he died he had donated $350 million for building schools,libraries and for world peace.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was a great inventor.He was born in Milan, Ohio He invented the phonograph, the first motion picture camera and modified the electric lightbulb. He has invented around 1,000 more great inventions.

The rise of unions

Unions were a large group of workers who were unhappy about the working conditions,long work time (24 hours) and low pay.Unions were all around the us were there were factories. These unions would go on strikes to get what they wanted. when the strikes got violent, the companies asked the government to send solders to put an end to the unions.

US Expansion

The US expansion not only expanded our country, but also opened up or closed some jobs. The jobs that were opened up were mainly steel and railroad companies. The jobs it sometimes closed were mining operations.