ITLS Newsletter

January 23, 2015


DL/TL Showcase

We invite you to add your work to the DL/TL Showcase presentation. We’d love to have at least one slide from anyone who would like to showcase their work by February 20.

Here is the presentation template.

January PD Feedback Form

If you did not get a chance to complete the feedback form after yesterday’s meeting, please take a moment to do so. Your feedback helps us plan for future meetings. Link to January PD Feedback Form.

Five Star Education Foundation Grant Deadline

Just a reminder, the deadline for the second round of the Five Star Education Foundation Grant is February 6th. Here is the direct link to the site.

K-2 Generic Chromebook Logins

The K-2 Generic Chromebook Logins are ready! Information about these accounts is going out in today’s Learning Service’s newsletter. On 1/22/15, Anna shared a doc with the login/password information for each building. If you have K-2 students in your building, please make sure you read the information about the generic logins that will also be in the Learning Services Newsletter.

Adams 12 Database/Digital Resource Analysis

As announced in the January DL/TL meeting, we will be gathering usage statistics on all building-wide database and digital resource purchases in an effort to better understand how students and teachers are using these kinds of resources.


Tutorial for How to Use Doc Hub

This is a YouTube video so students will not be able to access this at school.

From Your Peers

Historical Colorado Newspapers

Chris Pontillo shared this website with historical Colorado newspapers. The database has 50 or so newspapers and would be great for primary source materials for Colorado history. The database is searchable, so kids can type in a topic or a person, the paper or papers they want use, and it will search for the information. Her is the direct link to the site .

Mystery Skype

Laura Israelsen shared a great page full of resources on Mystery Skyping from Toni Oliveri-Barton.

Whiteboard Paint Idea

Nathan shared a great idea he saw in a Littleton 5th grade classroom, white board paint on the desks so they can do the math...paperless:)


Thanks to everyone who has been so willing to share resources and ideas. We have tried to consolidate your great work in this newsletter in an effort to give you an easy way to track back and find what your peers have suggested. Although we are using the newsletter to distribute many different ideas, we have not taken those through any type of formal approval process. We have not contacted IT to determine whether the tool(s) and/or resource(s) meet their standards nor have we obtained input from district content leaders. Please know that as we share your ideas and suggestions we do so as part of an effort to make your jobs easier, but those resources and suggestions are not "officially" part of any Adams 12 curriculum. The approval/"sanctioning" process will be ironed out in the near future, but for now everything we include in this newsletter are ideas and suggestions for your consideration. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Julie.