World Geography Vocabulary

Caitlin Dever

Economic stages

  • Primary - Raw materials

  • Secondary - Processing and manufacturing

  • Tertiary - Business and professional services

  • Quaternary - Information and intellectual services

  • Quinary - High level decision making


  • democracy - Citizens hold the power either directly or through elected representatives

  • dictatorship - Leader gains control usually through force. The dictator usually has centralized power around an individual or a military group

  • infrastructure - The basic needs to keep a economy running.

  • Monarchy - Oldest form of government in existence. A family is in charge and can carry out plans on their own word.

  • Subsistence agriculture - Growing enough crops to live on.

  • Traditional economy - a economy that sways torwords old times

  • Free enterprise/Capitalist - Limited government involvement

  • Mixed economy - Some government involvement through mandatory laws and regulations that businesses follow. The government provides social programs for those who need help.

  • Command economy - the government controls production and makes all the decisions

Organizations and agreements

  • European Union - A way to bring European countries together
  • Truman Doctrine - U.S. document promising economic and military help to any nation threatened by communism
  • Marshall Plan - U.S. plan which offers $13 billion to help rebulid post-war Europe

  • Cold War - a non physical war of threats and propaganda

  • NATO - The North Atlantic Treaty Organization which is a military alliance among democratic countries in Europe and North America

  • United Nations - A group created to maintain international peace and security (includes 191 countries)

  • genocide - The killing of a race

  • tariff - a tax on imports and exports

  • NAFTA - North American free trade agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico which helps trade between the three

  • globalization

  • GDP - the Gross domestic product is the total value of all goods and services produced in a country

  • Stateless nation - Minority group of people with shared custums and belifes that dont have their own nation state

  • OPEC - Group of oil producing countries that control worldwide oil prices.