Ethiopia (Foods)

By: David Smith A3


Ethiopia is located in what is known as the "Horn of Africa" accompanied by Somalia which basically looks like a horn on the Eastern side of the continent. Ethiopia is full of high plateau's, mountain ranges, The Great Rift Valley, two deserts, and multiple lakes and inlets that are formed from the Nile River.
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Main Sources of Agriculture

Ethiopia is known for its cocoa beans and coffee beans. Residents use cattle, goat, and other livestock in there everyday meals. Sugar cane is also grown and exported out of the country.
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Native Customs

Customs of Ethiopia

-Eat with your right hand only

-Finish everything on your plate

-Share, it is custom to eat like you are to eat with family

-Don't leave the table hungry

When eating in an Ethiopian dinner the host is to always be generous and encouraged to make you eat more.

Holiday Celebration

For Ethiopian celebrationals they serve the same thing for regular meals but in a big portion.
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5 authentic dishes (Siga Wot)

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Herbs and Spices





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