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Week of February 10, 2020

How will you think like a scientist to understand the world around you?

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Lesson Plans Due

Monday, Feb. 10th, 8am

Bullock School

  • To the 1st Grade Team: My Chat & Chew block is during your lunch period this week. If you would to dialog about any of our initiatives, share questions or just have a laugh...let me know!

Faculty PLC & Team Meetings

Friday, Feb. 7th, 2:45-4pm

Media Center

  • 2:45-3:00 - Faculty Book Talk (Morning Meetings)
  • 3:00-4:00 - Team Meetings (please submit your agendas via email)

NAPDS National Conference Visit

Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 9pm

Bullock School

Bullock & Glassboro Schools are proud to welcome attendees of the 2020 NAPDS Conference! We can't wait to show off the many great initiatives that have resulted from our PDS relationship with Rowan University!

2020 African American Read-in

Thursday, Feb. 13th, 9-11am

Bullock School

Thank you to all our guest readers! #BullockES can't wait to welcome you for this year's Read-in!

School Closed-Teacher Inservice

Friday, Feb. 14th, 8am

Media Center

Today's Theme: SEL & Self-Care!

Please dress comfortably!

  • 8:00-9:00 - Potluck Breakfast
  • 9:00-10:00 - Self-Care w/Dr. Sobti (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga)
  • 10:00-1:00 - SEL & Trauma-based Strategies w/Dr. Ieva
  • 1:00-2:00 - LUNCH

The Principal's POV on...Restorative Consequences

As we await the arrival of our Hacking School Discipline texts & continue to explore restorative practices, there are two important areas that we must focus on first...and neither will require hours of PD, new programs or additional funding!

In order to make restorative consequences work for us we need to first focus on our mindset & schoolwide language. We do a FANTASTIC job of addressing and documenting behaviors at #BullockES. Typically this includes an SDR followed by administrative support or parent/teacher contact (in addition to working with the student). Our goal with restorative consequences is to add an essential 3rd component to this equation: class conferences/activities! In other words, how will the "offender" make it right if they didn't take care of themselves, their friends or their school? How will you engage the "offender" and your class in the process of creating shared responsibility? How can you establish the deep relationships necessary to make this work?

The second area of focus (as always), is time...and that's where Monday's "faculty PLC" article comes into play. Time is a valuable commodity and our day is quite short, but there are two areas where (if we change our mindset) we can integrate restorative routines and community building: during the breakfast block & during recess! Take a moment to review our article on building community through the "morning meeting" process & think about what this might look like during breakfast in your classroom. How could the class or a student be addressed if they did not take care of self/friends/school? What activities/conversations could happen?

Thank you for a fantastic week and don't forget to share your thoughts via email, social media a chat & chew...and (especially) during Monday's faculty meeting! Have a great weekend!

The Principal's Point of View

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News & Notes

Multicultural Week: Multicultural Week was a huge hit! Students brought in artifacts, pictures, cooking tools, recipes, flags, music and much more. Click here to check-out our video..and THANK YOU to Ms. Castro for another wonderful event!

Rowan POWER PD: If you missed this week's Power PD session with Mr. Rozycki, click on our Bullock Meeting Minutes tab below for some highlights!

African-American Read-in: Readers are still needed for our African American Read-In Celebration. Please reach out to Mrs. Castro if you are interested in being a surprise guest reader for your child’s classroom. Email:

PTO Updates: Don't forget about our "school store" fundraiser! Click here for additional info!

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Thank you for all of your donations!

Bullock was able to send four boxes filled with donations to earthquake victims in Puerto Rico. In addition, students raised $100.00 for WIRES, to help animals in Australia recover from the bushfires.

Bullock Meeting Minutes

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Bullock's BOOM Board!

You're the best! Shout-outs from the staff...
  • Thank you for sharing, Kelli!

  • THANK YOU to everyone who donated for our Change for Change Initiative to help Australia, and/or those who sent in supplies for our care packages for earthquake victims in Puerto Rico!
  • TY Andi, Christine, Kelly, Mel Storey & Yaritza for a productive planning session this week!
  • Shout out to our LTS music teacher, Mr. Puskar! We are happy to have you part of the Bullock family!!
  • TY Sarah for a fun walkthrough! I enjoyed picking your brain!

Happy Birthday!

  • Ms. Dunn - 1/29
  • Ms. Rondeau - 1/30
  • Ms. Chiarelli - 2/2
  • Ms. McConnell - 2/3
  • Ms. Sheridan - 2/11
  • Ms. Consenza - 2/28

Schoolwide Events

Community events/reminders are in bold.

  • 02/07: CAST Meetings & Rodgers School Dance (6PM)
  • 02/10: Faculty PLC & Team Meetings
  • 02/12: PDS Visit
  • 02/13: African American Read-in
  • 02/14: School Closed-Teacher Inservice
  • 02/17: School Closed-Presidents Day
  • 02/21: CAST Meetings
  • 02/28: Star Student Luncheon