Erica Williams

All About Me


I love art and like to spend my

extra time making new pieces and coming up with new projects to start.

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I try to be kind to everyone i meet and many people have told me that they are comfortable around me and never feel alone.


I'm not sure I agree, but my friends say that I am funny and that's why so many people like to be near me.


Sometimes i don't use my intelectual knowledge for the right things, but my parents claim that i'm very clever and have a lot of ingenuity.


I try to stay positive in most everything i do and i hope that when others are around me they are comfortable and always being lifted up.


I may not always be very good at helping you with your problems but i will always be there to listen and tell you what i think.
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I'm that random girl who walks up to you and tells you that you're my new best friend. I know exactly how to fit in with everyone and a lot of times we just click.
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I tend to work alone and while i'm a very social person, i handle my life seperately.


Some people might call me weird but its what makes me special. Me and my friends are just outgoing and even if we act weird people just seem to accept it.


My love of God encompasses everything in my life and is what i'm most proud to tell you about myself. I live for him and spend every minute living life to help others learn more about him.
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