A Ticket to Harmony

The place to be accepted for who you are

Into Harmony

In our society, Harmony, people are allowed to be who they are, and are accepted for their uniqueness and flaws. Everyone has equal responsibility to make daily life and society a better place. Everyone is able to admit mistakes without being shut down by others for what they did or their faults. Those admitted mistakes will help to make a better, more harmonious environment. Without the faults of secrecy, there will be no corruption and lead to less hateful and harmful acts.

People will undergo a series of tests so that we, as community leaders, will be able to be assign jobs that will allow people to help society; farmers, community organizers, city council members, cleaning committee, teachers, architects, medical staff, engineering, etc. These tests will help to open yourself to Harmony as well as help us see your inner strengths as a person.


Reason for Harmony

Back in the times of the early 21st century, people did not accept each other for who they were as a unique person. This caused many children and adults died from corrupted minds with guns at a place where they thought was safe; school, movie theaters, workplaces, out in the streets, and many others. People took advantage of others' mistakes and used them for hurt, such as, bullying. We made our society, Harmony, so that people would be able to live in peace.

Community Members

People that would flourish in this society would be those who feel different, have feelings that they don't work with regular society, those who know that they deserve better, and people who want to be accepted for who they are. The people would have important jobs within society in the beginning are people that really listen to others and try to help people get through their problems are; any types of counselors, social workers, any types of therapist, and of course many more. These community members are crucial in the beginning of Harmony to make sure the people in it re-learn the true ways of a human life.

American Dreams and Fahrenheit 451

The definition of the American dream is a set of ideals that include the opportunity for prosperity and success, and just that every American citizen deserves to have rights and the abilities to become who they want to become as a free person.

In Harmony, we most definitely will honor this dream set out by the fathers of our country many hundreds of years ago. We want to be able to respect that every individual has the right to freedom and happiness in society. Even though we chose the jobs and positions of community members, we are still respecting what they want to do with their lives. We are just putting them in the best environment possible for them to be a happy human being.

In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, the American dream was no longer in existence; and even if it was, it was way different than it was set out to be. In the novel, people were not allowed to do anything out of the "norm," they weren't allowed to read, be a pedestrian, sit and talk as a family, and most definitely not question the government. To be different was against the law, and that is very different than Harmony.

Fahrenheit 451 and Harmony

In Fahrenheit 451, people were all the same; they all had dependence on technology, and they all had certain expectations that were expected upon them in society. If people were caught reading books, their books were burned by the firemen and they were taken off to insane asylums. Our society, Harmony, is more different than similar to the Fahrenheit 451 society, but their are still a few similarities. In Harmony, we embrace uniqueness within society. That, in fact, is the kind of people we want in this society. There is technology in our community, but only in a minute amount, and also it is only used to help improve everyday life. In Harmony, there are many community libraries and books that people are allowed to read, really any book you can think of. Even though there are few similarities, Harmony is very different than the distopian society of Fahrenheit 451.

Harmony drawbacks

As any society does, Harmony has its drawbacks. Harmony accepts everyone for who they are even if that person makes countless mistakes. This could include someone who made a mistake, like stealing or vandalizing something. That person would not just have their crime "let go of," but the lie detector would be brought in and the person would have to confess what they did. If they don't comply, they are "kicked out" of Harmony.

Another drawback is that by giving people freedom, we are oppressing them. We are making them harmonious even when sometimes they don't want to be. Also, we are choosing jobs for people and not allowing them to freely decide what they want to do with their lives.

Come join us on our grand opening ceremony!

Thursday, Jan. 1st 2015 at 1pm

1 Harmony Community Road

Harmony Creators: Gabrielle Andreozzi and Ela Slepokura