Cinthia Delgado

Teachers Assistant

Personal Statement

Family, a small word but a big meaning to me. My family means the world to me. I try to do everything I can for them. When ever my brother needs help with his homework I am there for him. Also if my dad needs help around the house I help him without thinking twice. Also at school I am caring for my peers, friends, and of course my wonderful teachers. Without them I wouldn't be the person I am today. At school I try my best to be a leader and help who ever I can. I follow instructions as I am told and I try my very best to do them as soon as possible. Many people describe my personality differently but I think I am a delightful, respectful, trustworthy, and mature student. I also know 3 different languages which are Spanish, English, and French. If you are looking for all of these qualities in an employee I know I am the right person.

Life Quote

Work Experience Journal

1/10/14- I began to work with and started to work on my personal statement.

1/15/14- Teachers came in the library to help us on our personal statement and I am close to being done and also I learned how to put a picture on this website.

1/17/14- I finally finished my personal statement and I got my 3 references so I am ready to work!!! :)

1/20/14- SNOW DAY!!!!

1/22/14- ANOTHER SNOW DAY!!!!

1/24/14- SNOW DAY!!!!

1/27/14- Student Holiday!!!

1/29/14- SNOW DAY!!!

1/30/14 - SNOW DAY!!!!!

1/31/14- A women from Capital One came in to give us give us information on how a interview would be like. We had a fake interview with her so she can give us advice on what not to do.

2/19/14-I think we kept working on our smore's so they can be finished by when we started working. I am excited to start working and to see who I will work for. I will try my best to finish the work my teachers give me as soon as possible.

2/21/14- Today was my first day of work and it went very well. My teachers had me grade papers and make copies. I like my teachers they seem very nice and caring about people around them.

2/26/14-It was my second day of work and I graded more papers which was fine with me. I messed up a few times but i got better at with the help of my teacher and i also noticed that being a teacher isn't as easy as it seems. There are many things to do being a teacher and one of them is grading papers which seemed difficult to me but within time it will get better.

2/28/14- I went to a the copy room and learned how to make copies and it doesn't seem that difficult to make them. At first I had no idea how what to do. So i guess it was kind of hard. Then a friend came to help me and I got my job done.

3/31/14- I catched up on my smore so I wouldn't be all the way behind. I wrote about how my first week of work went and it went really great. I learned many new stuff like how to grade papers and make copies and a lot of other stuff.

4/7/14- Last Wednesday I had to grade many papers which took me the whole class period. I thought grading papers would be fun and fast but its was the opposite. Last Friday I had to grade some papers then I had to make some copies and print stuff which I like doing.

4/21/14- The whole I think i graded papers which still isn't easy for me because i make some mistakes. I hope i get better at grading papers cause that's what I mainly do in my job. I will eventually get better at it I think. Most of the test I grade seem easy but hard to grade cause they have a lot of questions but ohh well.




2005-2006 Johnson Elementary

2007-2010 Ridge Elementary

2011- Present Harry Flood Byrd Middle School


  • Smore
  • Paddlet
  • Tackk
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google Drive
  • Responsible for running teacher errands and maintaining classroom organization
  • Assist my peers with work when they are confused
  • Fluent in Spanish and English


2012-2013| Byrd Sprite Club

2013-2014| Save the Bay Club

2012-2014| Baby sitting

2011-2014| Interpreter at Sacred Heart Church


Jessica Burbic

Catherine Richards

Jean Redford