Arctic Wolves

Cousins of the Grey Wolf: By Noah Carney

Magnificent Facts About the Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolves are 70-175 pounds and 3.2-5.9 feet tall. They have white fur, rounded ears, and short legs. They live in the arctic regions (North America and Greenland). Arctic Wolves are carnivores. They eat Musk Oxen, Arctic Hares, Caribou, Lemmings, Ptarmigan, and nesting birds. Arctic Wolves territories are over 1,000 square miles. During the winter they may hunt from 8-10 hours per day. They can go at a top speed of 40 miles per hour. When hunting the dominant male and female lead the pack. They keep their tail up to let the followers know they are in charge. There are so many unique things about the Arctic Wolf.
Musk Oxen vs. Arctic Wolves

The Reason Arctic Wolves are on the Endangered List

An increase in oil and gas factories and pipelines threatens Arctic Wolves territories. Gas and oil leaks can hurt the wolves by destroying their habitat. When the gas and oil leaks it contaminates the food and water supply. WWF is helping the Wolves by talking to governments, businesses, and communities to tell them that they are harming the Arctic Wolves. I hope the Arctic Wolves can make it off the list.