By:Kaamya and Sara

The Nile River

The Nile River was very important to the survival of the Ancient Egyptians.It is the longest river in the world and flooded yearly.The flood reached up to 7 metres wide.

The Nile River was very significant beacause it provided water for drinking. It also made the soil really damp and due to that, the crops had better soil to grow in. As well as that, it provided them with a calendar due to the yearly flooding.

The most important use of the Nile River for the Ancient Egyptians was water. This was because water was important for almost everything they needed, such as soil for crops, food like fish & river birds & many more.

The Nile River flooded for around four months. The impact this left was damp soil for crops and water. This is another reason why the river is really significant.

The river runs through ten countries including Egypt. It's mouth is the Mediterranean Sea.

In summary,the importace of the Nile River in Ancient Egypt, is extremely high because it provides them with almost everything they need.