AHG Christmas Parade 2015

"We Believe In Christmas"

Shelbyville Christmas Parade

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 8:30am

Shelbyville, KY, United States

Shelbyville, KY

Pathfinders and Tenderhearts

Arrival TIme: 8:30 AM

Arrival Location: Shelbyville Fairgrounds

Parking: At the Fairgrounds

Dress Code: Class A's

Explorers and Patriots

Arrival TIme: 9:30 AM

Arrival Location: Webb Funeral Home

Parking: On the street or at The Board of Education Building

Dress Code: Class B's

Important Things to Remember

There will be prizes for the best float that demonstrate the theme "We Believe In Christmas".

No one is to dress like Santa. The Parade Committee is sponsoring a santa.

Candy/items are only to be given out by walkers. Nothing is to be thrown from a moving vehicle. We can have people walk along beside our float and distribute candy/items.

Individuals riding on floats shall not move around the edges of the float while it is in motion. Children under the age of eight shall be seated on the float and accompanied by an adult on the float.

Participants are to keep parade traffic moving at a steady pace.

Please be considerate at the line up locations. These businesses have been kind enough to let us use their lots to line up. Please do not leave trash or damage property.

Lining up walkers at Webb Funeral Home: Please be advised that cars will not be allowed to pull in the driveway of the funeral home after 9:00am. There will be too many children walking around to chance injury. We are welcomed to park on the street or in the back of the Board of Education building.

The parade continues down Main Street to the Post Office.

When and where to pick up your daughter!

The end of the parade will conclude at the Post Office.

The offical parade time is 10:00 AM-11:00 AM.

Please be at the 2nd Steet parking lot no later than 10:45 AM to recieve your daughter.