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Have you ever been teaching and have a problem on the overhead for the students to be working on but you really need to look at your email? The dilemma is how to look at at your email while keeping the students focused on the work on the board. Here's your solution! Simply grab your remote for your overhead projector and click the freeze button. That will keep whatever you currently have on your computer projecting for the students but now you can go check your email without them seeing!

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SMART Notebook: But I Don't Have A SMART Board... Thursday, February 21st at 3:15

So, you have SMART Notebook installed on your computer but don't have the board and you're wondering why. Even if you don't have a SMART Board, you the notebook software is a great resource. There are tools within the program that will make your life so much easier, you can create interactive activities, it's a great substitute for PowerPoint, and the list goes on and on. Come see what SMART Notebook can do for you! See you on Thursday, February 21st at 3:15 in the Library.

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Bonner Technology Rock Stars!

Ms. Maloney

Ms. Maloney uses her SMART Board daily with her students. She incorporates Destination for whole group instruction using the interactive SMART Board.

Ms. Jones

Ms. Jones creates engaging SMART board lessons to use with her computer students daily. They love the interactivity.

Ms. Moore

Ms. Moore uses her SMART board across all subjects in creative and engaging ways. She is also so willing to share her great lessons.

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Did You Know?

  • You can simply click on the Outlook Icon on your computer and bring up your email? You don't have to go through internet explorer, and the program on your computer has so many great tools!