im gonna miss you bunches!!

first period memories

Jordan i loved having you in a class this year it has been ten times better with you by my side every made me laugh constantly.I enjoyed helping you with your work and all our projects we got to do together.when we made the apple dumplings and the pizza you were such a big help in the kitchen and a great made us all go "BAM POW"! i know second semester is going to be miserable without you.

hallway hugs

Jordan you have the best hugs ever every time we would see each other in the hallways we would always hug and it always brightened my day.


Jordan you are such a amazing cheerleader u shine out on the field and the court i love coming to watch you cheer i loved watching you be you and you getting to make new friends with the cheer team.

how much im gonna miss you

i don't even know where to begin or to start explaining how much i'm gonna miss you,i'm pretty sure that there isn't any words to describe. lets just say i'm gonna miss you more than u can imagine things will defiantly be different without you. i'm gonna miss your beautiful face everyday and that amazing smile of yours and don't let anyone tell you different. you are so special to me not just me but everyone here we all love you so much and nothing in the world could ever change that! <3