2-Day Tales

A Peek Inside Our Preschool Classroom

Mrs. Drew and Mrs. Nier's Tuesday/Wednesday Class September 25, 2013

We're Off and Running....

The month of September was one of new beginnings and transitions for the children. The girls and boys are doing so well adjusting to their new role as Preschoolers...and we've only just begun!


We begin with a short "free play" period while waiting for our friends to arrive. Then: Circle Time, Centers, Free-Choice Play, Clean Up, Story, Snack, Playground and Go Home!


  • ...how we drove our cars (with paper plate steering wheels) all around the classroom and hallways and stopped at the STOP signs? We pointed out where things are found and talked about expectations.
  • ...our "Mystery Box" that held objects found throughout the classroom. The children took turns picking from the box and showing where the items belong in the room.
  • ...big line, little line, big curve and little curve wood pieces? We listened and played along to music and tapped our wood lines; used "magic crayons" to practice starting at the top when writing; and used the lines and curves to assemble "Mat Man" on our Circle carpet (an exercise that also helps develop the children's body awareness, drawing and counting skills..."Mat Man has one head, one head, one head, Mat Man has one head, so that he can think...2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 body, etc.)
  • ...where apples come from? We looked at seeds, and talked about what trees need to grow...how red, yellow, green apples are the same in some ways and different in others...no matter how we changed their order or how we grouped them, we still had the same number of apples. We're learning the poem, "Way up high in the apple tree".
  • ...our apple tree projects? The children worked their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they stamped apples on their apple tree projects. There was lots of scissor practice to cut the bark for the trees from paper strips. (These will be sent home next week.)
  • ...our sink or float explorations? We had lots of fun "predicting" whether different color apples would sink or float...then we tried apple seeds, marbles, paper clips, and a variety of other objects. Each child took a turn coming up to the water with an object, predicting and dropping the object in.
  • ...our apple taste test? At snack time today, we tried red, yellow and green apple slices. Yellow apples were the favorite -- by far! We also had apple cider for the children to try...this wasn't such a big hit (next time we'll have to try Solebury Orchards -- does anyone not like Solebury's cider???)
  • ...our playground fun? The sandbox is open, Tonka trucks in the mulch, sidewalk chalk, riding toys, sliding board and climbing equipment, and the playhouse (which is usually the "Ice Cream Shop"!).

our centers this month...

Playdough Table: We started with cinnamon scented dough, mini pie pans, rolling pins and apple shaped cookie cutters; then, changed it up a bit with red play dough which the children rolled into apples (or worms!) and added pipe cleaner stems and leaves...lots of cutting and pushing tools, too....not to mention the imaginative play and conversation with friends.

Sensory Box: Filled with lentils and red kidney beans, mini apples, letter magnets, mini koosh balls, tongs, cups, spoons and shovels...working those fingers, hands, wrists, hand-eye coordination, pre-math and social skills just to name a few -- gotta love the sensory box!

Project Table: Where children worked so carefully on their projects.

Fourth Center - changes each day for variety: such as block center; dramatic play center with various props, and tabletop manipulatives.


...that the work which the children brought home in the first two weeks was all about the things they "can do at preschool" (line up, cut and glue, make friends, etc.), while also using their developing fine motor skills with crayons, scissors, glue and peeling stickers.

books we've read...

All By Myself, Aliki

Can I Play, Too?, Mo Willems (this one was a big hit; the children were laughing out loud!)

The Line Up Book, Marisabina Russo

My Preschool, Anne Rockwell

Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple, A.H. Benjamin

Ten Red Apples, Pat Hutchins

games we played...

...Pass the Apple - when the music stops, the child holding the apple goes into the apple patch in the center of our circle...great opportunity to get to know our classmates' names.

We're happy to finally be on our full 2.5 hour schedule; we like to play different games or dance each day (especially freeze dance!) and this gives us more time to do so.

a little sample of the songs we sing...

  • to say hello - "Rap, tap, how do you do? Who are you?"
  • to gather at circle time - "A tisket, a tasket, Mrs. Drew has her basket, follow me to circle time and sit down on the carpet"
  • to clean up - "Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's clean up time we know, so find a toy to put away heigh ho, heigh ho"
  • to gather for story - "Hush, shh, quiet please, let's all gather near, find a friend, sit right down, story time is here"
  • before going home - "The more we get together, together, together, the more we get together the happier we'll be, 'cause your friend is my friend and my friend is your friend, the more we get together the happier we'll be."
  • when cutting with scissors - "When I cut my thumb goes up, thumb goes up, thumb goes up, when I cut my thumb goes up...open and close" (tune of London Bridge is Falling Down)

the things we see and hear....

...each day, we see lots of kindness and sharing among the children...some will ask another to play with them; another will hand a friend a doll and ask, "do you want to play with this baby?" We hear, "please" and "thank you". At our "Fruit Stand", we saw lots of cooperative play with the apples, scale, cash register and shopping bags. One of the students made up "apple spaghetti" to serve in the kitchen, while others baked pies after washing the apples they just "bought" at the fruit stand. Some of the children like to care for the animals with the vet props, while others treat the babies with sweet gentleness. They're pleased when another child has success at learning to sit criss-cross applesauce. They're big helpers at clean-up time and after they finish their snacks (which parents usually find hard to believe, but it's true). On the playground, we saw a child hand their scooter over to a classmate who wanted a turn...

...the children are a joy and a blessing to be around each week!