Can we use nuclear fusion for power

By: Christopher Overstreet 12-2-15

Nuclear Fusion

The people in my lab and I have came up with a way to use nuclear fusion for power. Like any other resource we can use this to power things and create energy. This would be very good for the economy, it would cost a lot to start but would be worth it over time.

Why and where would we do this?

There are many reasons of why we would use this now. The first one being that the earth is running out of resources for us to use and we need a new one. This is a very good one to choose, this will provide a lot of energy and can be done in different places all over the world! This would have to be done in a safe location in case of disaster.
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When and how would we do this?

This could happen now because we know how to do it. You can make nuclear fusion when different atoms come to together and it will give off a bunch of energy.
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