what is graduation?

graduation is a time to celebrate how far you have come and succeed.

to celebrate what you have completed and to flashback what has become of you,

new beginnings and a new you.

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display above ^

i think this display really relates to my topic because it has a cap and gown and the year on the sides that graduation is.

it also has books going up the cap and gown because of all the school work and how much homework every senior had to endure.

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picture above

u think the picture is very creative, because for one, they never put you're year on you're cap never less what you want to be in the future. On here it shows the date that she wants to work some where in the medical field. I think this is very classy and great. Its not really a display but I thought it showed a very bright message.
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This is a fun, creative way to do a store display. the way the score board is behind them. the shirts. It all represents graduating and going back to schol