Mrs. Bertsche and Mrs. Gilbert

Newsletter Week of September 2, 2013

What we are learning

Reading –As we start reading we will be learning about the front cover, back cover, spine, title, author, and illustrator. Students are also encouraged to ask questions while reading. Students will also be learning he difference between a story and a poem.

Math – Working on the number 2, the shape triangle, and counting out a certain number of objects.

Color Words – This week we will be working on the color blue.

Letters – We will be working on the upper and lower case leter "Cc". Please work with your child on all their letters and sounds.

Sight Words – please make flashcards and practice the sight words: the, little.

Writing - We will be working on writing your child's name, the number and word 2, capital and lower case lettter "Cc", blue, the , little.


NO HOMEWORK THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other Classroom News

* Please make sure you are checking your child's rocket folder and behavior chart every night.

* Please make sure you are checking and signing your child's behavior chart every night.

* If you have any notes to send in, please put them in the rocket folder.

* If you are sending money in please put it in a sandwich bag or an envelope saying what the money is for and put it in the rocket folder.

* Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school unless it is for an assignment.

* Please work with your child on zipping up coats and jackets and tying their shoes. After winter break we will not be doing this for the children any more.

*School fee of $55 is due for your child (if you have not paid). When you send it in please put in envelope marked school fee and put in their rocket folder.

*If you have not filled out and sent in the paperwork in the yellow folder, please do that ASAP.

*Please make sure your child's binder is in order. The order is behavior chart, newsletter, homework, practice work, take home folder.

Important Dates

- September 2nd: NO SCHOOL

- September 18th: Picture Day