PBSES Newsletter: Expectations

February 26th, 2021

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Special Edition Newsletter: Building Expectations

This is a one-stop shop for all of your updated expectations for the building. The PBSES Team has reviewed and approved the following information with teacher input for a safe return. You are welcome to share these expectations with families and your students!

This Newsletter will cover:

  • Expectation Posters
  • Expectation Matrix
  • PowerPoint for Teaching Expectations
  • Expectation Video
  • Covid Handbook
  • Tier 1 Reward System
  • Lessons
  • A Story of Encouragement

Expectation Posters

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Use the posters below to teach expectations throughout the building. As you transition back into the building, you will receive enlarged posters in your mailbox.

Expectations Matrix

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PowerPoint for Teaching Expectations

Please see the notes section of the PowerPoint for teaching points on each slide. You can also share the Expectations video which reviews all of these teaching points below.

Click here to access the PowerPoint!

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Expectations Video

Briarwood 2021 Hybrid Expectations

COVID Handbook

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Building Procedures for Return to Building Instruction:

Click here for the COVID Handbook!

Tier 1 Reward System

Briarwood will continue to use Bear Tickets as our Tier 1 incentive program! Please hand out Bear Tickets when you see a student following the expectations. This reinforces positive behavior for following the expectations of Briarwood. Teachers keep track of the Bear Tickets submitted by your students on your Bear-o-meter. Fill in a line for each ticket received. Please let me know when your Bear-o-meter is full and you will receive a Bear Paw! Please see below for the Bear Paw structured system.

Bear Tracking System

· 0-4 Bear Paws- 35 Bear Tickets = A Bear Paw (A bronze paw will be rewarded on the 5th paw)

· 5-9 Bear Paws- 40 Bear Tickets= A Bear Paw (A silver paw will be rewarded on the 10th paw)

· 10-14 Bear Paws- 45 Bear Tickets= A Bear Paw (A gold paw will be rewarded on the 15th paw)

· 15-19 Bear Paws- 50 Bear Tickets= A Bear Paw (A rainbow paw will be rewarded on the 20th paw)

Remember... You are AMAZING!

You will be the champions that lift up our students and community. You inspire and change the future. I know you may be working beyond your capacity right now, but remember you are exactly what your students need, no matter where you are and how you are delivering support. You are AMAZING!

When you have a moment, listen to the impact a group of strong
teachers made on the person below!

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You Inspire Me! Keep Strong!