By: Dylan L.

A little Bit About It

Illness. Skin Rashes. Death. Typhus is a dangerous disease that is very dangerous and could lead to death. It is tiny organisms that can damage the lining and walls of blood vessels, causing bleeding and skin rashes. Typhus is very dangerous and spreads very quickly. If not treated early typhus could lead to death.
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This is a picture of one example of how typhus spreads. (flea)

What is Typhus?

Typhus is a very dangerous disease that can lead to death if not treated early. It comes from the disease Rickettsia. Typhus is tiny organisms similar to small bacteria that act the same as viruses. The disease spreads from person to person and animal to person. It is also spread through lice, ticks, fleas, and mites. This disease is notified on how it effects humans. People need to stay healthy so they will not get the terrible disease by the name of Typhus.
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Up close microscopic disease of typhus

How is Typhus Curd?

There is very little cures for typhus, but the are a few. Doctors use certain kind of antibiotics to treat this disease. Some kinds that they use are tetracycline and chloramphenicol. To prevent typhus doctors use vaccines also. They sometimes use insecticides to prevent spreading. To treat typhus doctors use a dust like substance to mist onto people and their clothing to kill the insects that carry the typhus. Even though there is little cures typhus is still possible to heal from.

The main idea of typhus

This deadly disease is very contagious and needs to be stopped quickly before it gets worse. All in all, we need to hit typhus hard before it get anymore tragic.