Parent Teacher Conferences!

March 5th-7th

Please Sign-up!

Your child will be coming home with a small slip for you to sign. On this slip, please check which box works for you to meet with me for parent-teacher conferences!

Ms. Fudge

Wednesday, March 5th, 4:15pm to Friday, March 7th, 9pm

Ms. Fudge's Rocking Classroom (RM 123)

You do NOT wanna miss out on what your little Rock Star has been up to this past quarter. I am very excited to share with you what your child has been learning, how he/she is progressing, and what areas are your child's strength and perhaps some challenges he/she is facing. My ultimate goal is to collaborate with you to make sure I am teaching your child to the best of my ability so he/she can learn, dream, create, and grow!

Why Parent Teacher Conferences You May Ask?

It's simple... Click on the link below to find out!

The Payoff for Parent-Teacher Conferences