St Patrick Weekly Bulletin

March 20, 2016

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Palm Sunday

At the heart of this celebration, which seems so festive, are the words we heard in the hymn of the Letter to the Philippians: “He humbled himself”(2:8). Jesus’ humiliation.

These words show us God’s way and the way of Christians: it is humility. A way which constantly amazes and disturbs us: we will never get used to a humble God!

Humility is above all God’s way: God humbles himself to walk with his people, to put up with their infidelity. This is clear when we read the Book of Exodus. How humiliating for the Lord to hear all that grumbling, all those complaints against Moses, but ultimately against him, their Father, who brought them out of slavery and was leading them on the journey through the desert to the land of freedom.

This week, Holy Week, which leads us to Easter, we will take this path of Jesus’ own humiliation. Only in this way will this week be “holy” for us too! Pope Francis

St Patrick Day Mass

Father Larry surprised us all! Father spoke on the transfiguration, that can take place in our lives. He symbolized it by the washing of his feet. Father wore a green sock on one foot and was barefoot except for his green toe nails! (The students so connected and giggled. Father Larry is Cool!) Father then placed white socks on his feet that symbolizes us dying to our sins and rising in Christ!

Parent Survey

Parents please take the time to complete the following survey. It is quick! Please click on the link. This survey is the Assurance Survey that is sent out by our School Division, Elk Island Catholic Schools. K:)

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

Interviews are this week, March 21, and March 22 4 to 8 pm. Come and celebrate your child's learning. If you have not set up an appointment please do so by going to St Patrick's school home page: ; scroll down bottom right on the front page click to schedule your interviews.

PT Interview Booking

Book your interview here

Up Coming Events

Monday March 21 --> PTS Interviews

Tuesday March 22 --> PTS Interviews

Wednesday March 23 --> Assembly 9:00 am

Thursday March 24 --> April 3 NO SCHOOL Spring Break

Monday April 4th --> Back in School

NEW Fundraiser for the Playground goes until APRIL 8th

Please purchase Superstore Gift Cards!. A letter was sent home with your child from parent council. The letter will be attached to tonight's email. Buy your months worth of groceries. These cards can be used for gas too! Everyone Buys Groceries!!

We ask you to submit one cheque payable to St Pat’s Parent Advisory Committee for your order.

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