The Cavalier Chronicle

September 2015

President's Message

Dear Members,

Our Fall Specialty will be here in just a few weeks on October 23rd. I would love to see everyone support this special day. After the judging, we are having a pot luck dinner (the Club will provide the meat). This is a great time to visit with other breeders and spend time with friends, old and new).

On November 8th we have our fun day at Linda Whitmire's Field of Dreams. We will have a Fun Match, heart and eye clinics and a pot luck lunch. Details are on our website.

I want to think everyone for what they do to support our club!

Paula Ayers


Member Spotlight- Alice Alford

How long have you been involved in Cavaliers? About 17 years

How did you choose the breed (or did it choose you)? While my children were growing up, I bred Chihuahuas for about 20 years. After my daughter, Carolyn, grew up and got married, She wanted a Cavalier. I could tell her story,but that would not be fair. I will leave that to her. After Carolyn had her first litter, I had to have one. I gave the last of my chihuahuas to my older daughter, Jody and went head over heels for cavaliers. But one was not enough. They really are like potato chips, I had to have another and another.

Tell us about your first Cavalier: AKC Champion Monticello Sir Lancelot (aka Lance) was born 16 years ago this past January; he went to the rainbow bridge December 25, 2014. Lance was everything that a Cavalier should be. Anytime I would look at him, he would be looking at me with the most loving eyes one could ever imagine. He was always obedient, easy to please, and affectionate as a Cavalier can get. Lance was my first AKC Champion and has made a great impact on my breeding program. Lance had his temperament title, CGC and was a therapy dog. In his younger years he and I went with a group to do therapy work in Macon, Ga.

Are you involved in any Cavalier activities (breeding, showing, rescue, Cavalier meet-up groups)? I began attending CKCSC Atlanta meetings with my daughter in 1998 and applied and became member in 2002. I have been an active member since then, serving as recording secretary, board member, and president for most of those years. I have shown and finished 14 Cavaliers to their championship, I am a breeder of Merit with the AKC. I do CGC testing for the AKC. I help with rescue where I can. I am also a member of the Parent Club, ACKCSC. I was show chair for several years and learned so much by doing this.

Anything else you'd like to share? After 35 years, I still don’t know everything about breeding. I continue to learn new and better ways of being a better breeder. Picture below is of AKC Champion Monticello Sir Lancelot (Tri) and AKC Champion Monticello Philabuster. (BL) Both were our foundation dogs. Buster lived to almost 15 and Lance almost 16.

Big image

Ask Myra Savant Harris!

Question from Mark Fitchpatrick: Please discuss flax and pea protein affects on fertility.

The breeders in the UK have long felt that flax and flax oil present a decreased reproductive scenario. It hasn't, to my knowledge been proven one way or the other for the canine since nobody is actually spending much money researching anything that might help us breed our dogs. So, my best advice is that since there are so many feeding options out there that don't contain flax or pea proteins, it is probably just best to avoid them. I don't actually think that there is a firm answer right now other than anecdotal advice from other breeders, but I always tend to go with the "Where there's smoke; there's fire" mindset until it is proven and firmly demonstrated to us.

Check out Myra's website for information regarding how to purchase her books or attend a seminar:

Artist Showcase: Jennifer Barajas

My name is Jennifer Barajas and I live in New Mexico, the state affectionately known as the land of enchantment. I have lived here most of my life and enjoy the breathtaking mountain views and the serenity of endless sapphire skies. New Mexico is a perfect place to find inspiration for my artwork.

I have enjoyed drawing from a very early age. Drawing has always been a hobby of mine, every chance I have a free moment I’m creating some piece of artwork just for fun.

I don’t consider myself a professional artist. I have never studied artwork or gone to school for it. I have always had a passion for animals and they have always been the subjects of my work.

9 years ago I married my best friend. Since then my artwork has been put on the backburner as the chaos of life and raising children has been a huge priority. Prior to marriage, I enjoyed showing purebred dogs in Conformation and Obedience. Dogs became a big part of my life and a huge inspiration for my artwork. I currently show and breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

It wasn’t until my third child was born that I accidentally became involved with artwork again. During my maternity leave, which happened to be around Christmas time, I decided to paint some Christmas ornaments with Cavaliers on them. Little did I know those ornaments would spark a huge interest in painting for me. Learning how to paint has been a whole new adventure that I am enjoying immensely. Although I have been involved with drawing my entire life, painting is completely new to me. I currently work with Acrylic and Oil paints.

Since posting pictures of my art work to my personal face book page, I have been asked by several clubs to paint trophies for their specialties. I have also been approached privately for commissions. I hope to continue to refine my skills in both medias. Perhaps someday I will pursue a more professional career in art but for now I am just enjoying the challenge of striving to make each new piece better then the last. The extremely talented cavalier artist Charlene Elliott has been a huge inspiration to me. My website address is if you are interested in more information.

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Upcoming Events

CKCSCGA Fall Puppy Picnic

Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 8, 2015! We will be holding our club's annual puppy picnic from 11am to 5pm at Bart & Linda Whitmire's "Field of Dreams". The evite invitation has been emailed to all club members and prior attendees, so be sure to click on the link in that email to RSVP. If you respond "Yes", then please be sure to fill out the "What to Bring" and "Polls" sections at the bottom of the invitation details in the evite system. The club is providing the hamburgers & hot dogs, chips & drinks. Please bring a side to share!

Do you have someone you want to invite? Send their email address to Sharon Utych ( and be sure to put in the Subject line "CKCSCGA Puppy Picnic". Sharon will then email a link to the evite invitation to the email address and name you provide.

Can you help Linda set up on Saturday, November 7? Please let her know as there is alot to get done on Saturday from setting up the match ring, the horse trailer for the the clinics and setting out the tables, etc.

We will have heart, eye and patella clinics at the event. Each clinic is $35 per dog and you can prepay either online on our website or print out a form and mail in a check to our club treasurer, Claire Ellis. Visit our website at and click on "2015 Fall Puppy Picnic" for all the details.

Alice Alford will be providing AKC CGC and CGCA testing at the event and we hope to have a tester from Therapy Dogs Inc. at the event.

We are holding a members fun match so be sure to enter at the picnic ($5 per dog, per class). We will have a Junior's handling class so be sure to bring your children and have them participate in this fun activity! And of course, our fun contests are open to everyone!

Meet the Breed Event on Sunday, October 4

We are holding our annual Meet the Breed event at the Chattahoochee Pet Festival in Duluth on Sunday, October 4th. This is an official AKC Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) event and listed on the AKC website. Our club will have lots of fun interacting with the attendees providing information about our breed and the ACKCSC Rescue Trust. We also have activity packets to hand out to the children which contain information on being a responsible dog owner, our club, rescue and several fun AKC activity sheets and cavalier coloring pages. Why not come down to support the club? The event is being held at the Gwinnett Medical Center, Hudgens Professional Building parking area, 3805 & 3855 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth GA 30096. In addition to the club's Meet the Breed booth, there will be craft and food vendors and much more! Thank you to club members who have graciously volunteered their time to help man the booth - Claire Ellis, Linda Whitmire, Dixie Westmoreland, Robin Fornwalt, Jana Harris, Jan Schmidt and Jim & Sharon Utych

All Hallows Specialty Show

The premium is now available! Closing date is October 7th! Be sure to get your entries in! Visit our website and click on the link to download the premium or visit the show superintendent (Foy Trent) website at

After the Specialty, join us for some Southern hospitality as we will be having a BBQ dinner. The club is providing the pulled pork & chicken, buns, drinks and we ask club members provide a side. We will also have a guest speaker at the dinner. Dr. Corinna Murray, DVM will be presenting "Improved Behaviors through Bond Enhancement - Using the Human-Animal Bond to Get Amazing Results". Let us know if you plan to be with us! Call or email Susan Bess at 404.627.2831

October Meeting

Next Board & General meeting is TUESDAY, October 6.

You're Invited!

Program and Pot Luck Dinner Social

Members, Exhibitors, and friends, please join us after the Specialty for some true Southern hospitality!

The club is providing meat and drinks while we invite you to bring along a side to share.

Dr. Corinna Murphy,, will present

Improved Behaviors through Bond Enhancement - Using the Human-Animal Bond to Get Amazing Results

Let us know you plan to be with us – call or email Sue Bess at 404-627-2831 and or visit the eVite for details at


Sharon Utych & Linda Whitmire are bragging on their boy, Almeara Visionnaire. Stevie had a great weekend at the Anniston KC show! On Saturday September 19, Stevie went Best of Breed and on Sunday September 20, Stevie went Winners Dog.


The ever elegant Princess BGCH Huntland Coco Chanel won Best of Breed on 09/20/2015 in Deland, FL with 26 entries !!


SHOW NEWS FLASH!!! BGCH Huntland Coco Chanel won Group2 in Deland, FL!!!


Calandra Davis' 4-year old Monticello Chloe Louise Davis, won 1st place in her first agility competition on Sept. 26th. She competed in the Greater Columbia Obedience Club All-Breed AKC Agility Trials. Chloe is from Monticello Cavaliers and was bred by Jonathan Alford.

Need Some Sunshine?

Do you know a Club member who needs some sunshine? Please contact Maureen Miles and she will send a card on behalf of membership to brighten that person's day! Maureen can be contacted at 770- 460-9197