By:Morgan Simmons

1607 Jamestown is Settled

  • On May 14,1607 Jamestown is settled.
  • Captain John Smith organized it.

Why did they go to Jamestown?

  • For freedom of religion.
  • They went to find gold.

Where was it Settled at?

  • It was settled 60 miles from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Within a month the settlers had constructed a triangular shaped wooden fort for protection against the Spanish, who didn't want the British to do well in the new world

How did they get there?

  • On December 20, 1606 they arrived.
  • Three small wooden ships
  • The Susan Constant- 82 feet long and carried 71 people.
  • The Godspeed- 65 feet long and carried 52 people.
  • The Discovery- 50 feet long and carried 21 people.

Who setteld it?

  • English men settled it in 1607.
  • The first women arrives in September in 1608.
  • 105 settlers and 39 crew members in December 1606 set out.


  • By 1619 they had exported 10 tons of tobacco to Europe.
  • John Rolfe introduced tobacco and later married Pocahontas.

What caused Jamestown to fail?

  • The settlers called it the terrible winter of 1609-10 the "Starving Time".

How many died?

  • More than 1\2 of Jamestown settlers died by the first summer in North America.
  • Many died from drought, hunger, and illness.

Interesting Facts

  • It has been called by a t least 1 historian the most momentous event of the 17th Century.