Liver information

By Noah Saunders LA13

How can you get liver cancer?

Well liver cancer mainly comes to people who smoke to much. Cigarettes have a few chemicals that damage your organs and you have about 30% of getting lung cancer or liver cancer.

How does the liver help your body

The liver takes 500 different rolls in your body, but mainly cleans your blood and keeps your heart pumping . The liver is placed just under your rib cage and is the heaviest organ in your body.

More fun facts on the liver

If you haven't smoked a cigarette in your whole life you could still die of lung cancer or liver cancer.

Your liver is as heavy as a watermelon and when your about 30 years old it will be about the size of a football.

Your liver contains 96% of water in its cells.

We human could not live without a liver because it does so many things in your body to keep you alive.