The power of Hydro

Who knew what water could do?



~Cheap (Hydro Power cost less than most energy sources)

~hydro power is the most significant renewable energy source

~hydro power is an energy source that dosen`t pollute the invirment

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The cons of hydro power

~If there is a drought you cant use hydro power (water)

~Expensive to build (dams)

~Could cause earth quakes

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The hoover dam

~ The hoover dam is 762 feet and 600 feet thick

~ During peak electricity periods, enough water runs through the generators to fill 15 average sized swimming pools (20,000 gallons each) in 1 second.

~ Each of the 17 generators can supply electricity to 100,000 households.

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Fun Facts!!

~Every state uses hydro power for electricity,and some states use more than others.

~Over 70% of Washington states electricity comes from hydro power,and 11 states get more than 10% of their energy from hydro power.

~Idaho, Washington,and Organ have lower energy bills because they use hydro power.

~The exact cost of a dam is 0.7 per kWh or kilo-watt-hour

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