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2nd quarter has begun

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New High School

The Jerome School District is preparing to open a standalone alternative high school in the fall to serve at-risk students.

“We see it as growing because there’s a need,” Jerome School District Superintendent Dale Layne said Monday. “It’s just a different opportunity for kids. Just a smaller environment is probably on

Falls City e of the biggest differences.”

The state requires prospective students to meet three of the following criteria: has repeated at least one grade, absenteeism higher than 10 percent compared with the previous semester, failed at least one academic subject in the past year, behind on credits toward graduation or grade promotion, attended three or more schools within the last two years, has a pattern of substance-abuse behavior, is pregnant or a parent, an emancipated or unaccompanied youth, a previous dropout, has a serious personal/emotional/medical issue, has a court or agency referral, or demonstrates behavior that’s detrimental to their academic progress.



Falls City Academy students have been going to the Jerome Senior Center and helping for the last month. Students set out plates, prepare coffee and tea and prep salad. The seniors come in get lunch and the students make sure coffee and tea is filled and remove plates when the person is finished with their meal.

This is a great way for our students to show respect and serve others.

Halloween Trunk or Treat

Three students from Falls City Academy volunteered their time to pass out nearly 75 pounds of candy at the Trunk or Treat on Main Street. Falls City Academy partnered up with the District Office, the district office ran out of apples and our students were still passing out candy. The event was scheduled from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM, and the event was so well attended that we ran out of candy at around 6:15 PM. The students were Jonathan Martinez, Osvaldo Norato and Yareli Torres-Hernandez. We would like to take time and thank all of our student volunteers for their time and efforts.
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Idaho Lottery's Scratch for Schools

The two member team from Falls City Academy attended Idaho Lottery's Scratch for Schools event on 23 October 2019 to scratch lottery tickets in hopes of winning money for the school. both team members, Principal Sean Spagnolo and Teacher Eric Whittekiend, were rookies to the event. In Round 1, the team scratched 111 tickets in 5 minutes, more than the team from Jerome High School but the effort was not enough to make it into the final round. The team did however bring in $175 for the school and learned some techniques for next year.
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