Jamestown updates

April 18 1612

Smiths accident

John was sleeping by the fire on dec.10,1606 he had a pack of gun powder in his pants pocket.the gun powder blow up and no one knows who was involved. It could been a spark from the fire. There is some people that didn't like him (the leaders)."John smith thinks George Percy did it cause he was out for him". After his injury he had to leave to go back to England. Then George percy became king after that everything changed the people became hungry and they ran out of food and supplies.

Interview with George Percy

Is he innocent

Us-what is your background? George-I am the president of Jamestown .Us-do you know John smith?

George-of course he ruled Jamestown tell I took over.Us-did you like James?George-he was alright I guess he was my boss.Us-what do you think about his leg injury?George-it was pretty bad I mean his leg blow up how could it been good.Us-was you happy about John leaving Jamestown?George-of course I was happy I took his place as leader like I always wanted.Us-do you consider yourself as a better leader?George-I think I was a better leader just because they tried to hang James.Us-do you think James injury was on a accident or temped of muddier?George-the way it looks is someone had to know it was in his pocket to blow him up so I think it was a temped muddier.Us-why was you lazy?George-because if I was the boss there was people there to do all my work.Us-do you think James should have been hung?George-yes he abandon us we all could have died he should have been punished . Us-were you jealous of John smith because he was the leader? George-yes I was that's what I wanted all along.


Come to Virginia and live a better life. There is lots of land and crops. Many types of life stock. You can get a lot of land more then England can give you. That's what lots of people who came got. A lot of land to plant crops such as corn, tobacco, carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes. So come and get all this and more.

Who is in Virginia

Algonquian on the coast, and Siouan and Iroquoian in the interior. About 30 Algonquian tribes were allied in the powerful Powhatan paramount chiefdom, estimated to include 15,000 people at the time of the English settlement.

Facts about the Indians

Indian customs. It was ordinary for a European man to be required by the prospective bride’s family to prove his ability to support her, but when an American Indian man presented the bride’s family with skins or other goods, to prove the same thing, Europeans decided that Indian women could be bought. Divorce seems to have been relatively easy, and sexual freedom was not inconsistent with marriage. Problems arose only when the spouse did not approve. Beliefs. They didn't believe in just one god like we do the Indians believed in spirits of the land. They believed that they would bring good health, crops, long life, and short winters. Lifestyles. They didn't have houses like we do they lived in teepees and they wore clothes made of animal skin. They slept on the ground and the leader got the best food. Leaders. The tribes had chiefs such as Chief Carl Custalow, Chief Kevin Brown, Chief Steve Adkins, Chief Gene W. Adkins, and Chief Walt “Red Hawk” Brown. Relationships. They were mad at the settlers for killing whingina and they wanted to kill John smith.
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Tribute to the king

King James is a good king because he chose the right people to go to the new world and they were unsuccessful at first and afterwards they were successful. Do to the cash crop of tobacco. It got so much money and profit for them. He died which was a sad loss for all of us.

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Sir Walter Raleigh was an English aristocrat, writer, poet, soldier, courtier, spy, and explorer. He is also well known for popularising tobacco in England. He lived in Ireland. He helped a lot because without him they would have succeeded because he sent men to explore the new world and that was a big help because they knew what to take. So that lead Jamestown to settle longer in Virginia. We will all remember you Sir Walter Raleigh.