Evergreen Community Update

Week of October 10-13

Our Mission

Evergreen Middle School is a community dedicated to lifelong learning and the development of healthy, thinking, caring and productive world citizens.

Principal's Message

Hello EMS Community -

With no school today due to the state-wide in-service, hopefully everyone is staying warm and dry in the stormy weather.

It was another great week at EMS. The week was topped off with our very first school wide assembly of the year, organized by our Leadership students and directed by Mr. Yabu and Mr. Harrington. They did an amazing job organizing the event, increasing school spirit, and kicking off the Fun'd Run. The gym was filled with energy as seventh grade, eight grade, and staff contestants all competed against each other to win points for their teams. We, as a staff are a very competitive group and competed extremely hard to win. However, due to a foot fault by one of our teammates on the last event, we were disqualified from the competition. As a staff, we demanded for the judges to view the instant replay, only to find out that there was no video playback (I think we were set up...). As a result, the 8th graders took 1st place, 7th graders took 2nd, and the staff came in last. However, after the assembly, we made a commitment to each other to not let it happen again. Stay tuned for results from the next assembly.

As I stated above, yesterday was our annual kickoff to the Fun'd Run that will take place on next Friday, October 21st. On that day, during PE classes, students will be working to raise money by running as many laps as they possibly can. Our parent club will be here handing out snacks and drinks for students as they complete laps. All students were provided their Fun'd Run packets yesterday during 6th period. Students who raise $25 or more will have an opportunity to win great prizes. For more information, please ask to see the packet your student received yesterday. More information is also posted below.

Lastly, I want to apologize for any confusion relating to our after school activities being canceled yesterday. We received a late phone call from the organization that runs our after school activities. The call came in at 3:06pm, notifying us that our after school activities were going to be canceled which is less than 10 minutes prior to school getting out. The cancellation was due to the weather and potential storming that was being forecasted. Once we received the call, we immediately got on the intercom to announce the cancelation to our students and staff. The challenging thing for us was getting the information out to all parents. We immediately put the news and alert up on our school website, hoping that parents would go there for updated information.

Our office staff debriefed yesterday evening and are working to ensure that we communicate with all of the families affected if this were to occur in the future. My goal is to develop a group email list for all parents of students who are involved in activities after school. That way, I can just quickly send an email out to those specific parents right away.

Below are a few photos from this week's activities and events.

Enjoy your weekend,

Mr. Gulley

Evergreen Principal

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After School Programs

We continue to have after school activities running four days each week. Our students participating in Zone Sports started competitive games this week. Soccer games were canceled yesterday but congratulations to our volleyball teams who won their first match over South Meadows Middle School on Wednesday.
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*Hillsboro Youth Basketball League* Sign Up NOW!

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Fun'd Run

Our annual school's Fun'd Run will take place in our P.E. classes on Friday, October 21st. All proceeds will be put towards two areas of need. Our weight room area has machines that are outdated and we are looking to make improvements in order to provide more health and fitness resources to our students.

Additionally, we still have many classrooms in need of mounted projectors. When projectors are mounted, it frees up a significant amount of space in the classroom for students to learn and collaborate. With the increase in student enrollment this year, this will be a priority.

Students received their Fun'd Run packets yesterday during 6th period.

Here is the document that was send https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3k_kTlAIE9gQm0yRkd1NFMtTUk/view?usp=sharing

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Pizza Schmizza Fundraiser Day!

Wednesday, Oct. 26th, 11am-10pm

891 Northeast 25th Avenue

Hillsboro, OR

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Free and Reduced Lunch Eligibility Expiration

The district operates the Free and Reduced-priced meal program that offers assistance to low income and categorically eligible families with breakfast, lunch and some after school snacks. The program has an annual renewal for families who attend schools that do not offer meals free for all children.

Today, October 14th, is the last day that 2015-16 free or reduced-price eligibility can be carried forward. HSD currently has 976 students where parents/guardians have not responded to letters and, when available, emails to notify them of the need to reapply for benefits for the 2016-17 school year; including the date of expiration.

Applications can be submitted online or printed and returned (may take up to 5 business days to process) at http://hillsboro.healtheliving.net/what-we-do/meal-applications/.

School Supplies

As students enter the building every Monday morning, they will be greeted with a smile by student representatives, parent club members, and district staff. All students will be offered school supplies such as pencils and erasers. This is a great opportunity for students to get their basic supply needs met at the beginning of each week.

Below are photos from last Monday mornings greetings and supply tables.

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Volunteers Needed in AVID

We are still in need of AVID tutors this school year. We have 3 AVID classes, all which take place during 1st period. If you are interested in helping out our AVID students and volunteering your time, please contact Mrs. Abby mailto:Dawsondawsona@hsd.k12.or.us , our AVID site coordinator. You don't need to be an expert tutor by any means. You will be trained in the process and all protocols. The first training took place this morning from 8-10am here at EMS. More training are available for those who are interested.

For a look into the process: https://youtu.be/RJSiV8wkuIo

Walker Middle School AVID Tutorials


Stephen Daniels' 8th Grade AVID class demonstrate math tutorials.


Reminder: Midterm grades are available online via ParentVue. The first official mid-term grades were released on Monday. Please login and see how your student is performing after the first 4 weeks of school.

Weekly Looking Ahead - Advisory

On Mondays during Advisory, our students are given an opportunity to fill in their planners with the Looking Ahead document. This document is a good resource for students to see what is coming up in each of their classes for the week and to remind them of deadlines/tests. Updated Looking Aheads will be posted to our website on Mondays.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month with a goal of encouraging communities to work together to increase awareness and provide practical suggestions for how to recognize and interrupt bullying behavior. The Stomp Out Bullying website has some good tools, as does StopBullying.gov. The website has videos appropriate for younger students and also videos aimed at older students, with a message of "don't be a bystander."

You can also visit the HSD website for more information.


Evergreen Middle School

EMS serves over 830 students in the 7th and 8th grades. Located in the Northwestern area of Hillsboro, EMS feeds students into Glencoe High School. For information on the social or academic offerings at EMS please visit our website or contact our fantastic school counselors - Tanya Stremme or Annie Plutko.