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How do I introduce the ECOMAP to families?

The hardest part of anything is usually getting started. Committing this script to memory will get you over that initial hump and on your way to a great conversation with a family. (Of course you can use your own words too...whatever feels best.)

Give it a try...you'll be surprised by what you learn!

"We do an ecomap so we can get a better understanding of who is in your family, what supports and resources you have and any other people you are already dealing with. This way we can be sure we consider all the important people in your child's life and develop recommendations that make sense. How does that sound?

You can tell me as much or as little as you'd like. Ok?

Lets get started...Tell me who lives in the house with your child..."

The Unwritten Benefits

Have you ever left an intake and felt like you did all the talking?

One of the benefits of the ECOMAP is that it give the family a chance to talk. It also begins to convey the message that EI is not just about the child...its about the whole family and other important people in the child's life.

The ECOMAP should only take you 10-15 minutes

To learn more, see pages 31-40 of Robin's book, Routines Based Early Intervention. It will give you a super quick review and some additional tips.