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I believe that the Media is very flawed in its own way. They tell us what they want us to hear whether it is to hide government actions or distract us from certain events. The media is in control of the public; What they see, hear, and are informed of. They choose what to broadcast and not to broadcast. Let me give you an example: Ebola. It came and went within a couple weeks. It was on the news EVERYWHERE for a week straight and then suddenly everyone stopped talking about it. What were they distracting us from? Now media literacy is a very interesting thing. It is the ability to perform various ways of interacting with the media, whether its print to video to the Internet. Media literacy also includes books, newspapers, radio broadcasts, and many more. What it means to be media literate is that you are able to interact within the media and have a part of a complex system of informing the public of news, sporting events, activities, information, health concerns, etc. To be media literate you must be able to use various forms of media, whether its social media, writing for newspapers or news teams, broadcasting live stream videos on the internet for people to see, etc. Media literate is an important part of our society, it’s a necessity of our culture and way of life. Without media literate people we may not be informed of anything rather than just being informed of what they want us to hear.

Social Media. Can't live with it. Can't live without it.

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Social media can be a good thing, but also an evil thing. It allows us to connect to people all over the world that we would never have been able to interact with if it wasn’t for social media. It also allows us to connect with old friends, and explore outlets of entertainment such as YouTube, which I personally use almost every day. The cons of social media are that it does allow an immense amount of hackers and identity thieves to have access to some of our most precious information without our knowledge. When we “agree” to the terms and conditions of most websites we are agreeing to something we have no knowledge about. In society as a whole, we assume that these companies online and through social media are, in fact, NOT corrupt when in reality, we do not know if they are or not because we are too lazy to read their seemingly endless terms and conditions policy. So what about the privacy part of social media? Would you want people knowing your every location, and what you did at this certain time and where? Well…if you said no then you’re in for a surprise. We unknowingly allow many of these apps and websites to have access to our contacts, location, camera, and even personal information like our email. It does put several thousands of people at risk for identity theft or personal harm. But it is a necessary risk, because in fact, without social media our society as we know it would crash and burn in a fiery blaze. We would be returning to the Stone Age, not knowing how to function and our way of living would cease to exist. With that being said, social media is not all that bad. There are good aspects of it, such as it giving us the ability to access an endless amount of information for our knowledge. It exposes our youth to an incredible amount of possibilities and opportunities that they would never have known about if it was not for the necessary good/evil known as social media.

Social Media Good/Evil

Walken Closet Suuuuuuuuuper Bowl Precis

In the Super Bowl commercial “Walken Closet” (2016) starring Christopher Walken, worldly known actor/comedian/tough guy, implies that driving the new Kia Optima is like “the world’s most exciting pair of beige socks.” Walken justifies his statement by elaborating on the subject at hand when he describes people as “beige socks blending in through life” and suggests that driving the new Optima will make someone stand out as a person instead of just blending into society. Using scare tactics and hyperboles such as “over time the beige sock people are lost, or devoured” in order to persuade people to buy this car, is an intellectually smart strategy that Walken portrays in this ad. Walken then says to Richard, who portrays our audience in this ad as an Average Joe, “Richard, do you want to be devoured?” to which he replys with “no”, and then Walken snaps his fingers and the new Kia Optima is revealed, persuading the audience to “try it on for size”.

2016 Kia Optima | Walken Closet “Big Game” Ad

Poisonous Politics and Petty Proles

The paragraph in question right now is actually a very interesting read. It states that our offspring are born, then grew up in an inadequate representation of a home. They proceed to enter the workforce at age twelve, and then around their high school years go into puberty where beauty and sexual desires seem to take over their lives for a short period. They then step into marriage at age twenty, become middle aged at 30, and for the most part, pass away at the age of sixty. This paragraph is in fact, sadly, quite accurate to our own world of society. We’re basically born into a life of debt, where we owe the government from the time we take our first breath to when we take our final drag of air into our lungs. Afterwards, usually once we hit high school, we enter the workforce, so not quit twelve, but also it is not quite the appropriate age for a full time job. During this process, we have this period of menstruation (see what I did there?) for women, and period of “hormonal rage” for men. Afterwards we end up marrying young, for the most part. We end up trying to raise a family from what we have built so far in our young lives, sometimes it is not the best home for kids, thus the process starts all over again for them to live through. Next thing we know we are middle aged, and then into our 60’s and 70’s, and thus finally in a tragically beautiful way, we pass on. We live blindly through life, just in it for the ride really, censored by the government, and controlled like string puppets. If anybody in this world goes against the American Government, or even feels a different way than the government, they are unknowingly putting themselves in danger of the wrath of American government terrorism. A cancer plagued onto this planet. Now the government isn’t all bad, don’t get me wrong, it is the blood of this nation, but this blood is poisoned by crooked politicians, senators, and representatives. One such example would be the criminal investigation of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. These corrupted politicians such as our potential "Madame President", are the forerunners of this country, who have the power to corrupt and control this once great nations citizens. With our own media filling us lies, and propaganda, they have almost entire control of what we think, speak, and do. If they can convince people to vote for Donald Trump by giving him more air time than the other democratic candidates combined, then in reality, they can achieve any goal they have of controlling us and not revolting. So, as I said earlier, we live a blind life. We think we are aware of everything that goes on in our world, but in fact, we know absolutely nothing. Making a society believe it knows everything is the key to controlling them into knowing nothing. We are sadly a nation of proles, and everyone fails to see that.

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