East Paulding Scouting Report

Blue Collar Basketball

Player Personnel

Starter # 2 Dishon McNary PG ( 6’1) Sr.

Athletic, nice 1 dribble pull up, quick 1st step, 2nd best player, looks to push the ball able to split the gaps, great finisher at the rim, can get hot! Looks to shot the ball.

Can get frustrated, get out of control.

Starter # 3 Jalen Browder G (6’3) Jr.

Best player on the team! Athletic, quick, scrappy, looks to pick your pocket, able to beat you off the dibble and great going to the rim, will shoot the ball 60 times a game! Going to look to push, snowbirds and looks to come behind you on D and trap or steal the ball. Sneaky player

Loves his role too much can get lazy on D, and if you get in his head, he will take himself out of his game.

Starter # 4 Ryan Armstead G ( 6’2) Jr.

Athletic, scrappy, shooter, good rebounder

Starter # 10 Alex Eitenmiller C ( 6’6) Jr.

Shooter, good rebounder, looks for the put backs, lanky

Doesn’t handle pressure, slow.

Stater # 23 Lennard Browden G ( 6’0) Sr.

Stocky, athletic, rebounder, loves the pull up 3 ball,Scorer

# 1 Sean Cheely G ( 5’9) Jr

Shooter that’s yet

# 25 Silas Robinson G (5’11) So.

Shooter, athletic, quick

# 32 Will Prater W( 6’2) Jr


Not a good passer, slow, doesn’t like pressure

# 20 Orion Weems PF (6’2) So.

Athletic, shooter, rebounder

Pressure him

# 14 Kyle Campbell W (5’11) Jr.


Pressure him

# 15 Caleb Ivey W ( 6’1) Jr.

Shooter, loves the back door, weak side cut, 1 dribble shot,

Doesn’t like pressure, weak with the ball

East Offense


System offense

Play up tempo all the time

Looks to push the ball hard, swing the ball quick and shoot quickly!

Shoot the ball quick! Avg 7 sec per shot, they play a lot of bodies

Everyone is a shooter

Subs quick and plays a lot of players

Swinging it quick looking for gaps or shots

Inbounds / S.O.B

Simple- just looking for shooters coming of screens looking for shot

East Defense


What they do: up tempo, get the ball quick

They rather give you a 2 b/c they’re going to shoot 3’s

Press you off messing looking for the easy steal. Always has player come down court last (kinda wanting you to forget about him) then he traps you or takes the ball # 3 did that a lot.

40- full court man

They switch everything

22- 2-2-1

They look to trap you and force turnovers

Man to man run and jump full and half court.

They move quick, looking to speed you up!


Basic just making you play fast.

Look to take charges

They play scrappy, up tempo, switch defense a lot!!!

Track meet, score more than you...