The Traditions of Christmas

Abbie Overbeek

The Christmas Tree

The tradition of the Christmas tree probably started around 1000 years ago in Northern Europe. This tree was a symbol of spring to come. It gave hope to the people that the plants would grow again in the spring. Since some people back then couldn't afford to buy a christmas tree, they would build a pyramid out of wood and decorate it to resemble a christmas tree. Some of the early christmas trees were even hung upside down by their trunk, to look like a chandelier.
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The Candy Cane

The Candy Cane was thought to be originated in Germany about 250 years ago. A Choirmaster wanted to occupy the children during the church service, so he came up with this festive candy. This candy cane was all white, but still tasted like mint. He curved the edge of the candy cane to look like a J, because the staffs that the Shepherds used when the visited baby Jesus on the 1st Christmas, was very similar in shape. This is why the candy is call the candy CANE.
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A Breif History of Candy Canes

A Brief History of Candy Canes

My Sources

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Reliable Source???

This source holds very good information. Anywhere you look for the History of a specific tradition, myths and other stories behind the tradition will come up. No one knows for sure what the history of the Candy cane is, but they can make an educated guess based on many other beliefs. This website has a lot of background information on many christmas topics and I think, is very reliable. The author is very educated in this area and knows what he/she is taking about.

Source connections

These sources both connect to each other in similar ways. They both include valid information about the traditions of Christmas. Even though some stories or myths may be included, these two sources are indeed reliable and helpful. Since the History Channel is known to be highly educated website, then I know that the Christmas tree website is also reliable since the have almost the same exact information.