Coral Reef Vacation Brochure

Fiji Barrier Reef

Likuliki Lagoon Resort

This is a five star resort that features huts over the ocean. You have immediate access to the ocean and a luxury room.
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  • Nadi-$2,298
  • Suva-$2,751
  • Labasa-$2,646
*round trip


  • $1,016.49 per night
  • All inclusive
  • snorkeling from overwater hut


  • Coralview dive-$195
  • Shark feeding dive-$280
  • Snorkel Safari-$35


Cancelations must be made in advance if you want a full refund and the reefs are natural habitats for many animals including sharks and poisonous jelly fish, we are not responsible for your injuries so please book your excursions with caution.