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Great First Day

Thanks to everyone for making the first day for our students such a great day! We had a full house this morning at drop off and during our PTO meeting. A HUGE shout out to our PTO for volunteering throughout the summer, meet and teacher and for all their support to get the school year up and started. And last, but certainly not least, a HUGE shout out to the best staff in HISD!

Pick Up Reminders

Just a quick overview below to help pick up go a bit smoother tomorrow:

  • K,1,5 and siblings are picked up using the Birdwood loop
  • 2,3,4 are picked up using the Jason loop
  • If your child is extended day, but sure they know which days they are staying for extended day. If you decide they are not staying for extended, please let your child's teacher know or contact the main office before dismissal.
  • This week expect lines to be slower, especially on Birdwood. Our kindergarten students in particular take a bit to come out of the building and some even fall asleep during the dismissal process. Please be patient.
  • Make sure you have your car tags visible and ready. This helps to speed up the pick up process but also helps us to connect the right students with the right parent.

The Three R's for Lovett Community

Everyday at Lovett we focus on the three R's that are: Respect, Responsible and Ready! The these are not only for students, but also for staff and parents. As principal one of my main priorities is maintaining a positive learning environment for our students and an overall positive campus culture. When of the main areas that as adults we need to continually focus on is respect. Through out the school year, we will have ups and downs. Areas where we agree and disagree, but even when we disagree it doesn't mean we have to be disagreeable. As we start this new school year, let us all strive to work together in a positive way! We have the same focus; student safety and helping our students be successful both as growing young people and learners.

Open House

Open house dates are as follows:

September 3rd: Grades K,2,4

September 4th: Grades 1,3,5

Open house is 5:30-7:00 and will begin with a general session in the MPR. Open house is a time for parents only. We do not encourage you to bring students as it's important that you and the teachers have time to talk and discuss a variety of items.

If you need to bring your child with you that evening, we will have a Lovett student room available for Lovett students. Please be mindful that we can not accommodate babies or pre-school children.

Parent University Save the Date!

On September 17th all HISD campuses will host a Parent University with various topics to help parents better support their students. All Lovett parents are invited to attend. In my next newsletter I will send home an overview of the evening so you can plan ahead for the sessions you would like to see.

Share your expertise with our students

This year we are trying new things to bring experts to our students. We are fortunate to have a school community with so many amazing and talented parents and we want our students to learn from you. In the upcoming weeks keep an eye out for a survey for you to share areas that your areas of expertise. We plan on compiling a whole school list to make available to teachers. Through the year teachers may call on you if they are looking for speakers, parents to come in to help a student with a project, or students that might have an interest in learning about a particular area. The list will be whole school so teachers from any grade level can reach out to you if needed.

2019- 2020 School Hours

7:00 a.m. Doors open/Cafeteria is open for breakfast

7:30 a.m. First bell rings and teachers greet students at the classroom doors

7:35 a.m. Second bell rings

7:40 a.m. Tardy bell(students should be seated in class by this time)

2:50 p.m. Dismissal bell

3:05 p.m. All students should be picked up if not staying for extended day

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