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The main clouds

Now those mini descriptions

I will name and explain all the clouds. Nimbo-stratus this cloud is a low to middle cloud and is an overcast cloud and gives off precipitation. Strato-cumulus a low level cloud that usually looks like a bunch of cloud lines and means no rain.Stratus can be either rain or snow and is very low.Cumulus is a big puffy white cloud that has a flat base, it is not over cast and it means fair weather. Cumulo-nimbus is a very large cloud that can sometimes even reach the height of the stratosphere and can mean tornado's and other extreme weather and definitely means rain. Alto-cumulus These clouds are mid level and reach as high as 2-7 kilometers,hese are fair weather clouds,and these clouds look like little puff balls in the sky.Cirrus clouds these clouds are thin horse hair like cloud there is no precipitation and these are made of ice crystals.Cirrocumulus clouds also means no precipitation and are really high, and appear as long rows.Cirrostratus is a ring and means no precipitation.