Biome Technology Project


desert plants

The most common plant in the desert is the barrel cactus. It is shaped like a cylinder. I can reach five to eleven feet tall. With three to four inch spines. It also has yellow green and red blossoms

The armadillo lizard

They grow fifteen to sixteen inches long and weigh eight to seventeen pounds. It's head and body are flat so they can fit in small crevices for shelter. They also have spiny scales that can be used for a defense.
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The climate for the desert is very very hot in the day but cold in the night. the annual temp. for the desert is 62ºF during the day. The annual temp. for the night is 20º.

The desert land scape

Most deserts are just flat land with sand dunes. But some have land forms like plateaus and mountains. Like in the mojave desert in Mexico. There are a ton of landforms like the one below.
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