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Holy Spirit Comes Upon People in Advent

We entering the season of Advent. We shift our attention to figures from our past who have helped us to understand the dream of God. During Advent they include Isaiah, a Hebrew prophet from the eights century before Christ, Mary, Mother of Jesus, Joseph, the husband of Mary. The readings in the Advent Liturgies are frequently taken from Isaiah. We do not know very much about the man except that he was wise and a prophet of God. He was married and had two children. He was involved in the political fortunes of Judah. He saw that it was not all well in Israel and compared it to unfruitful vineyard where God found noting but bloodshed and crying of the poor. In his vision, Isaiah sees something awesome - "I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lofty." He dedicates the rest of his life to seeing that vision implemented.


Students have the opportunity to explore 2-D shapes through building, sorting, comparing, describing and solving puzzles. Students will classify polygons by their attributes: number of sides, interior angles, parallel and congruent sides, symmetry lines. New vocabulary is posted under Current Event tab.

Writing Workshop

We are currently learning how to state an opinion and persuade using arguments with supporting details.

Students are examining various texts such as Saving Manatees, and student samples on the topic,Should There Be Zoos, designed to influence hoe the reader thinks. The students will share write a persuasive piece as a class, in pairs and finally individually. Each student will have a choice of topics and an opportunity to form and argue and opinion. For example, a topic such as Should Students Wear Uniforms allows the writers to present arguments either for or against.

Drama / Oral Communication

In Drama, the students will prepare and present a short play, 12 Angry Pigs. It is a spoof of the classic movie, 12 Angry Men. The students will engage in a debate where they will have to present arguments against the innocence or guilt of the wolf.

Health / Oral Communication

The students are presenting their Health comic Strips. They will be evaluated on how they present their ideas to the audience of their peers.

Reading Workshop

In Reading, we are learning how to form opinions about a text and make inferences.