William Shakespeare

Cory, Zac B.

Who was Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare, or also known as "The Bard", was born on 1564. He was famous for his plays, sonnets, and his poetry. He married Anne Hathaway at only age 18 and had 3 kids. During his life, he was part owner of the Famous Global Theater. Unfortunately, Shakespeare died in 1616 on April 23 and his death was unknown.

Shakespeare's Plays

Shakespeare wrote many different plays such as tragedies, histories, and comedies. One of his famous works was Romeo and Juliet. Not only did he just write his plays, he even performed in some of his plays with many other people. His plays where often held during the afternoon in the daylight.

What made his writings so famous?

Shakespeare's writing where just no old story, they where magnificent because of the amount of similes, metaphors, imagery, foreshadowing and many more. These all gave Shakespeare's writings significance which made him one of the best writers there ever was.