My Education

by: Adamari Ignacio-Ojeda

Elementary School

Hollis Academy Elementary is located in 200 Goodrich st. Greenville SC 29611. The school principal is Miki Golden jr. and assistant Principal Maureen R. Heinbuch. Hollis academy has over 632 students. Our mascot is a huskies and our motto is "Caring children today, creating leaders for tomorrow". Student's participate in activities geared toward test-taking strategies. Hollis opened its doors in 1955 and for the first 30 years they served both elementary and junior high, then in 1986 they only served elementary. Hollis elementary became a magnet school in 1996 and changed the name to Hollis Academy Elementary. After 46 years in the old building the new Hollis opened in 2002.

Middle school

Tanglewood Middle School is located in 44 Merriwoods dr. 29511. Our lovely principal is William Price and the assistant principal for 6th grade is Edward Anderson 7th grade Harold Mcphail and 8th grade is Anne Propst. we have enrolled 603 students our mascot is the Centurion and our motto is "Inspiring hearts and minds". Their Achievements and Honors... junior scholar Winners, National and state History day Winners, Palmetto Silver Award, 2005 State improvement Rating "Average". Outstanding Features/Programs... After-school tutorial, Algebra honors, Geometry, English 1 honors, Drama club, Career Education, and chromebooks for all students.

High School

Greenville High Academy is located at 1 Vardry st. 29601 which is near downtown greenville. The principal is Jason Warren, they have four assistant principals one for each grade. For 9th grade is Jacob Tuttle, 10th is James Sharpless, 11th Matt Phillips and last but not least for 12th grade is L'Adair Franks. the mascot is Red Raiders and their motto is "Steeped on tradition, focused on the future". Their mission is to foster excellence by empowering students to become critical thinkers, productive thinkers, and life long learners. There were two schools before that The old Central school was used until 1921, Greenville high school from 1921-1938, and the new Greenville high from 1938 until now.


For beyond(college/job)i have not planed it yet because i have not decided what i want to do after high school. But i am looking forward to going to college and having a good job for a better future.