This Week in Library: 9/28-10/1

with Ms. Thiets

This Week's Theme: Fall

Fall is here!

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and leaves are starting to change color. Have you ever wondered why? Check out the video below!

Why Do Leaves Change Colors in the Fall?

Learn More with DK

The DK Find Out website has tons of information about almost everything. Start on their home page and explore by subject, or tap the pictures below to learn more about trees, leaves, and the seasons.

Explore: Leaf Activities

Draw fall leaves

How To Draw Fall Leaves

Leaf Scavenger Hunt

Take a walk and collect different kinds and colors of leaves. Tap the picture below for some tools to help you identify the leaves you find.

Leaf Art

Take the leaves that you collected on your scavenger hunt and use them to create pictures! Need ideas for what to make? Tap below for links to some leaf art videos.

Read All About It

Check out some fall books on the Fall Bookshelf or in eBooksMN by tapping the pictures below.

Ms. Thiets

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