Where I Stand

My problems about Markham.

Road Maintenance

The councilors of Markham should fix the amount of cracked roads on the streets. I think this problem should be fixed because the amount of potholes can damage the owner's vehicle very bad and they will need to fix it if it is actually damaged and it will cost a lot of money. People always complain about the potholes on the streets but the workers don't come and fix this problem. They need to take action because the citizens of Markham need their help in order to fix the potholes


Now this problem is the worse in Markham. For example on Highway 7, there are always construction there. Day and night there will always be a traffic jam. This problem drives people crazy! People don't want to waste 15 mins waiting on the street in the morning. They need to go to work. My parents always complain that Highway 7 is the craziest street that you have to wait for more than 15 mins. The councilors of Markham need to find a better way in order to keep the traffic running instead of waiting.

Snow Removal

I think snow removal is a problem. Every time the city sends a person to remove snow on the street, they all end up and peoples drive way. A lot of people are not happy about this because once it gets in your drive way, you have to remove it yourself. Of course people don't like to remove snow by themselves because its hard and heavy. The city of Markham should find a different way to remove the remaining snows on peoples drive way. If this problem does not change, a lot of angry citizens of Markham will send dozens of letter to Markham.
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