The Harry Potter series!

If you like adventure and fantasy worlds...this is the book!

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The wizarding world of Harry Potter!

In this magical series, a boy named Harry Potter is the son of a very good wizard and witch. One day Harry's parents die and he has to live with his muggle (human) Aunt and Uncle, the Dursleys. Harry gets a couple letters from a wizarding school called "Hogwarts". He now goes to school and mets two kids named Hermoine and Ron. Along the way, he makes great enemys with another wizard student named Draco Malfoy. In the series you'll reasd about adventures of trolls, pixies, unicorns, werewolves,dragons, three-headed dogs, and so much more. You can hear of broomstick-riding and potion making in this amazing series. Go check out the books at your school library today!!! If you like the movies better than the books, there is also a movie series about the famous book.