Is Canada A Great Place to Live?

An In Depth Look Into Our Country

What makes a country great?

There are many qualities that a country must perfect to be labeled a "Great Country". Some of these traits are...

A good government: A great country has a government that does not only care about itself but also cares about its citizens, the government should seek progress both for the country and the inhabitants as well rather than more money and more power. The government has to promote strict, and fair laws. The government should also provide care for its citizens as with out them, the country would not prosper at all. The government should also have a great leader who is able to make independent choices as well as care for his citizen's needs. The leader should co-operative and intelligent.

Citizens should love their country: If the citizens don't love their country, then the country country will lose much of its population. People may move to other countries for a vacation and then realize that they are able to get a much better quality of life from where they are now rather than their country of origin. If people don't truly love their country, there is a possibility that they do not obey the laws creating chaos. If citizens love their country they are more likely to fight for it if a war arises.