Blob Fish

By: Christian Schneider

Did you know Blob Fish were titled the ugliest animal in the world? They are also almost on the endangered animals list. This is of great concern because everyone wants to see them because they are so ugly. Without a doubt, the Blob Fish is the most ugly and odd fish in the ocean.

Body Features

The Blob Fish has many unique body features some things it doesn't have that other fish have is a gas bladder, you may be thinking “whats a gas bladder” well, a gas bladder it is basically a gas filled organ in a fish’s body that helps it maintain buoyancy. Another thing that isn't in it’s body are muscles, the reason for this is it helps it to live on the bottom of the ocean. “The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results” - Tony Robbins ( They also are the most energy saving fish and they aren't very efficient at all. And lastly it isn't edible, because it doesn't have much that is even worth eating, like muscles. Another unique fact about the Blob Fish’s body, is it’s skin. The Blob Fish’s skin is very gelatinous and jell-o like, if it didn't, it would probably get crushed at the bottom of the ocean.


The Blob Fish has many threats, in fact, it is almost on the endangered animals list. A few of it’s threats are Deep Sea Trawling and Over fishing. Deep Sea Trawling is when fishermen use nets that drag on the bottom of the ocean, coincidentally that's exactly where the Blob Fish lives, they can’t really get out of the nets, so when the fishermen pull them out of the water, most of the time, they dry up and die. Over fishing is just when fishermen over fish, then the Blob Fish has nothing to eat and it can’t really go hunt for food, no muscles. Another thing about Blob Fish not having muscles, is they can’t defend themselves, so it is really easy for predators to eat them.


The Blob Fish’s habitat is the bottom of the ocean of the coast of Southeast Australia and Tasmania, in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. The pressure down there is also about eighty times higher than above sea level, where we live.

Would you enjoy a deep sea dive? Are you entertained by the looks of the most ugly animal in the world? if you do, you should definitely get to know more about the lazy, ugly Blob Fish!
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