The Holocaust

Concentration Camps Taylor Morris


"Between 1.1 and 1.5 million people died at Auschwitz; 90% of them were Jews" (Berenbaum).
“Thousands of men and women perished at slave labor form hunger, dehydration, exposure, disease, and exhaustion, others were beaten to death by Kapos, killed or maimed in accidents and bombing raids, or shot by SS guards for sport or for minor infractions or were trying to escape” (Megargee).


"During the early months of 1943, the corpses of the murdered were disinterred and burned in open air pits. The camp was then closed" (Pruden).
"Established November 1, 1941, Belzec extermination center consisted of two camps divided into three parts; administration section, barracks and storage for plundered goods, and extermination section. Initially, there were three gas chambers using carbon monoxide housed in a wooden building" (Pruden).


“The facility included three gas cans and two crematoria that were 32.5 feet long and 16-19 long" (Berenbaum).
"Small fragments of bone catch the sunlight at the forest sight where the crematories once stood. 'It's the one thing to hear about the crematory, it's another to stand inside an enormous pit that is filled with human bones', says Kryzysztof Gorczyca, an archeologist who directed last summer’s excavation. 'Only then did it occur to me how many people were murdered here'" (Golden).
Holocaust Survivor Testimonies: The Death Marches