Fruit Bomb Blast

(They don't actually explode)

What Fruit Bombs are made by...

One batch of Fruit Bombs are made by a delicious mixture of real fruit flavors like banana, strawberry, grape, cherry, blueberry, and more to chose from.The next step of the process is the mold we put it in, after the correct shape mold with about twenty slots for our fruity mixture. Put a piece of rolled up taffy in the mixture before putting it in the freezer. When we're done with the taffy, we put the mold with the mixture it in the freezer for about 1-2 hours while we are waiting, we make more Fruit Bombs! When we are done we put the in our shop for you to eat. :)

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5 Bombs Per Pack.

Strawberry,Banana,Green Apple- $1.50


Cotton Candy,Coconut,Blueberry,Fruity Mix-$2.45

Limited Edition Chocolate Flavor only on Holidays-$3.00

Fire Bomb,Sugar Bomb Sour Bomb-$2.45

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