Beer's Law Experiment

By Abby, Scott, Devyn, Alexis, and Garrett.

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This is a graph of the points we received doing the experiment


Anesthesia enables the painless performance of medical procedures that would cause severe or intolerable pain to an unanesthetized patient. Often issued out during surgeries or dental procedures, along with Novocaine.


  • Colorimeter
  • color dye
  • cubettes
  • computer
  • Logger Pro Application
  • Water
  • Water Dropper

Observations of Experiment

As the solution grew in percentage and concentration, the absorbency of the light seemed to intensify. Eventually, the light would be absorbed fully.
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A photo of colored water to show the pigmentation in the water


The solution is added color. Light is absorbed in color, especially green, in which our solution was. The reason for the absorbency to increase was the light was being captured in the pigment particles of the color in the solution.


The old woman did not live. The concentration of the anesthesia was too high for Aunt Elda. Therefore, she passed away.

Step by Step instructions

  1. Get your materials
  2. Fill your cubette with three fourths water.
  3. Put cubette in Colorimeter and press calibrate (Note: You only need to Calibrate once)
  4. Start logging.
  5. Take cubette out and add one squirt of solution. (This will be 10% each drop)
  6. Continue to log each point for every 10%