Weekly Message

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 16~ 12.7.15

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Jason Foundation PD

Please see the instructions for Jason Foundation PD. It has now been assigned to all full time staff. They will need to print out the certificated for completion from the Jason Foundation and turn this into the office. Then they will need to log back into the MY Benefits channel and click through a few tabs to show they completed the module. They will be given a 2nd certificate of completion this is for their records or they can turn in both to me for filing. Attached are instructions step by step. Please let me know if I can help anyone.


Ashley Hook, Director

Coordinated School Health

From Ms. Mia: Benchmark Testing Schedule and Cancellations

We are going to start our benchmark testing this week instead of next week. I am so sorry for the confusion. We have a lot of things scheduled for next week that would interfere with testing. Testing will begin on Wednesday, December 9th. Because of the testing, Reading Mastery and exploratory will be cancelled Wednesday- Friday of this week and Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week. I am placing the schedule in your boxes today. Mr. Willis and I plan to give you a break during the afternoons on the days that exploratory is cancelled. If you have any questions please stop by and see me.

Star Testing Schedule

STAR Testing will begin next week for Pre-K. Below is the schedule for when your class will need to come to the computer lab. Let me know if this is not a good day for you.

Monday, December 7th

Mrs. Jenny 1:00-2:00

Tuesday, December 8th

Mrs. Dee Dee 1:00-2:00

Wednesday, December 9th

Mrs. Chelsea 1:00-2:00

Thursday, December 10th

Mrs. Alisha Pre-K 4 yr olds 12:30-1:15


1) The front doors will be locked at all times from now on.

2) If someone other than a Central Office employee comes to your classroom unannounced, please redirect them to the office to sign in. No one should EVER come to your room without being announced from the office.

3) Please instruct your students to NEVER open any exit doors for anyone at anytime.

4) If you see any preschool parents walking down the hallways please ask them where they are going and tell them they need to go to the office first. Once they enter the building they should only be going to their child's classroom.

5) Whenever you see an unfamiliar person in the building please at least speak to them. If they don't have visitors sticker on, please ask them to return to the office.