Taking a Trip to Paradise!

Surfers Paradise: Gold Coast Queensland, Australia

Welcome to The paradise you've always imagined. This Beautiful beach was christened Surfers Paradise. It's an attraction to all surfers, tanners, players and anyone who loves a beach, young and old. It's what you think of when you imagine Australia, with white sandy beaches, Crystal clear Waters and Surfers Galore!

How this Paradise Began!

In August 1933, the wonderful Paradise was founded. But, before it was founded, James Beattie was the first person to farm in what was soon to be Gold Coast, Queensland he sold his land to Johann Meyer who opened the Main Beach Hotel as a tourist attraction. A few years later in 1889 it was given the name Elston. The original Surfers Paradise Hotel was burned to the ground in 1935 which was rebuilt in 1936. By the 1950's they decied on the name which is now Gold Coast, 8 years later on October 23 the the South Coast Town Council was renamed the Gold Coast Town Council. The first highrise (a.k.a skyscraper) ever built in Surfers Paradise was built in 1959. in the 2000's it was given the title the cleanest beach in Australia.

What to do in Paradise!

In the day you can go for a nice walk on the beach and at night go have dinner at the Costa D'Oro Italian Restaurant & Pizza. Their moto is ''Making People Happy Since 1987" Temperature is warm all year long so enjoy warm weather. For the moms they might enjoy the L'AQUA Day Spa to relax all day and party all night. They offer face, body, and massage treatments they also sell professional home care products. Have you ever wondered what it would actually be like to be in the coral reefs with exotic fish and crazy coral? Then the Scuba Diving Lessons is for you! Within 2-3 days you can be a certified scuba diver. Since the Great Barrier Reef is off the shore of Surfers Paradise you might see what it looks like from underwater! Those are just some of the many different things to do.
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Whats Lives in Paradise

With a beach comes with the fish, dolphins, sharks, etc. but this beach has very many exotic fish because the Great Barrier Reef is right of the coast of Surfers Paradise. The reef sort of barriers the beach so probably the only shark that could get through that is a 3 foot reef shark. But there are also so crabs that might roam the beaches at night for food and some dolphins who roam the waters in the mornings searching for food. Little Jellyfish are normal to see at a beach (I should know I've gotten stung a million times) but you won't get stung that much. There are some many other fish out there in the coral reefs and the beaches that are waiting to be discovered.
Flying over Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland